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Originally published at Chris Evans - Author - The Iron Elves. Please leave any comments there.

The contest is being held by the website Dreamonus. There are 5 copies of Ashes of a Black Frost up for grabs. All you have to do is sign up and I think perhaps send a tweet (or something like that) and you’re entered to win.

And I wanted to share a few really cool pieces of art done by friends and fans. The first is simply a phenomenal tattoo of the regimental crest. Tom in Canada decided to go all out and got this beauty and all I can say is I am honored and in awe:

Aeri Mekah (Into the Fire) regimental crest of the Iron Elves tattoo by and on Tom

(The original design of the crest was done for bookplates by a superbly talented artist in New Zealand who goes by the handle N00brevolution) </p>

Then there is the slightly less permanent t-shirt design by Janelle (with Cathy modeling as well) that I think is hysterical:

Finally, there is the cover image from Watch The Skies done by Eric when I hung out with the fantasy and science fiction writer’s group at the Camp Hill, PA B&N many moons ago:

The Viceroy's table from A Darkness Forged in Fire

I truly am honored and appreciative for all of these. If you’ve drawn, painted, stitched, inked or otherwise done some Iron Elves artwork please feel free to share. Who knows, I might just have to start a new contest :)



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