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Deep is just shallow on end

Chris Evans on life, writing, running, and squirrels

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I'm the author of the Iron Elves epic fantasy series published by Pocket Books/Simon&Schuster:
Book One - A Darkness Forged in Fire
Book Two - The Light of Burning Shadows
Book Three - Ashes Of A Black Frost (will hit shelves in the summer of 2011). The series is being translated into Japanese, Russian, French, German, and Czech. Wisely, they didn't ask me to do the translations so the books should turn out fine.

I'm also the editor of military history, history, and current affairs/conflicts books for Stackpole Books www.stackpolebooks.com including Band of Sisters and The Girls Come Marching Home by Kirsten Holmstedt, Omaha Beach by Joseph Balkoski, Boys of '67 by Charles Jones, The Border by David Danelo, The Battalion and The Ranger Force by Col. Robert Black, Armored Thunderbolt by Steve Zaloga, and the Stackpole Military History Series.


When I'm not editing or writing I enjoy running, especially in Central Park. I've tried running in the library, but they frown on that sort of thing. Oh, and speaking of libraries, I'm a member of the New York Society Library which is a very cool place. And when I'm not editing, writing, running, or sleeping you can often find me at the Gracie Mews on 81st and First Ave. If you do find me there you'll find me eating, but if you approach with a butter tart you'll find me a receptive audience.

Things I like:

1. Butter tarts
2. Single women bearing gifts of butter tarts (other baked goods are also welcome)
3. The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
4. The time during a run when I feel like I could circumnavigate the globe without stopping
5. Snow storms
6. Cold, blustery fall days